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MiniCV - Ref : 3430 ECP
Industrial Plant Manager, Production Manager
Mechanics, Metallurgy

1. 7 years: General Secretary (administration, HR, pay) 2 sites then 1, Nonwoven machines manufacture

2. 11 years: Production Manager, Textile machines manufacture, ((Foundry, Metal working, Sheet metal working, Assembly, Storage, Order, Purchases, Methods)

3. 7 years: Production Manager, Corrugated machines manufacture, (Metal working, Assembly, Storage, Methods)

4. 8 years: Milling engineer + Aluminium metallurgy, 4 sites including 1,5 year in an applied researchs center

English (fluent; German France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4450 ECP + Master ENSEA
Business and Project Engineer in Telecommunications
Electronics Internet Telecoms and information technology

 12 years Preparation and teaching Mathematics and physics sciences

  • Presentation of Mathematics teaching entrance examination
  • Teaching University students Mathematics

4 years Budget and Financial assistant

  • Providing Budget Reports to Informatics Service Director
  • Budget Monitoring of Informatics spendings

7 years Business and laboratory engineer in telecommunication

  • Studies and analyses for electromagnetic disturbances
  • Participation to projects groups activities
  • Realization of space telecoms satellites
Fluent English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4709 ECP
Project management, development studies
2 years : Asset Lifecycle Management engineer : transformation and digitalization of oil&gas projects methods.

2 years : offshore precommissioning leader for an oil&gas project in Angola (400 M$) : 3 supervisors staff, supervision of 36 000 manhours done by the contractor

3 years : interfaces engineer for an oil&gas project (contractors located in France, Angola and Norway)

2 years : process engineer for development studies of oil&gas projects (design, flow assurance)

2 years : offshore production engineer for an oil&gas field in Cameroon (60 kbpd) : production and HSE activities coordination   

English fluent, German, Italian, Portuguese
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MiniCV - Ref : 4713 ECP + MBA MIT Sloan School
CEO – Lead Implementer of Strategic Programs
Capital Goods and Industrial Equipment

• CEO of companies with T/O of 15 to 40M€
• Business Restoration & Development post 2009
• Set up & Operation of a Joint-Venture
• Lead definition of R&D partnerships
• Launch of new products and demonstrators
Support sales dpt for backlog increase - 6 years of sales & technical sales
• 3 years in Additive Manufacturing
• 6 years in Renewable Energy
• 4 years in Automotive & Automation
• 12 years in Metal Processing
• 3 years in Glass Melting

Englsh - French (mother tongue) France - International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4773 ECP
Supply Chain Director


  • Agility, my success in my last job is thanks to my ability to adapt efficient industrial processes with agility
  • Business Partner: strategical vision et operational control
  • Supply Chain Management: from manufacturing to retail
  • Team management
  • Project management, including SAP

Experience (20 years)

  • Luxury, jewelry, retail / wholesale, strong exposure to Asia - Supply Chain Director, executive committee member (7 years)
  • Automotive sub-contractor - Supply Chain Director
  • Electrical industry, operational supply chain et project management
French, English, fluent Paris regions + travelling
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MiniCV - Ref : 4824 ECP + INSEAD MBA
C-suite position in industry in
company with global development ambition

30 years of experience in the automotive (carmakers and OEMs) and airport sectors.

Line management from shop supervisor (150 employees) to 40 plants (8,000). Streamlining organizations, clarifying missions. Strong ethics.

Bottom-line, gross margin, ROI and benchmark culture. Several successful turnaround experiences from heavy loss situations

Creation of greenfield and brownfield plants (China x2, Mexico x2, Bulgaria, Morocco, Portugal).

M&A manager from targeting to finalizing the SPA: China, USA, Sweden, Morocco.

French and English mother tongues, Spanish
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MiniCV - Ref : 4825 ECP + ENSPM Engineer
Stratégy & Development, Managing Director


Negotiation of a new automotive partnership & JV in Iran / Creation of an automotive plant & JV in Algeria / Development plan in Africa-Middle East / Powertrain line up synergy between carmakers


Vehicle Product Manager : Product definition, economical & industrial scenario / Brand strategy deployment on product line up


Engine development & team management / Engine durability testing / Numerical simulation

English Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 4870 ECP + ENSEM, EEIGM , FST
Energy engineer, thermal engineer, fluid engineer, HVAC engineer
Energy, gas, automotive, energy efficiency

 Master  "Procédés pour énergie" at  'école CentraleSupelec 

Renewables energy engineer  & Master  "mécanique &énergétique" at  FST Nancy 

 Internship at   Faurecia Exhaust Systems :development of a passive solution to extract a gaz from exhaust line.  Simulation of an adaptive valve using GT-Power

Internship at  Saint-Gobain ,  6 months  2017: Optimizing energy efficiency of a glass furnaces 

Technical skills : ANSYS, FLUENT, GT-Power, TRNSYS, matlab, Comsol

French , English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4919 ECP + ECL
Supply-chain & digital transformation

International industrial groups

  • 4 years => transport director (budget >50m€, 15 people, logistic transformation, outsourcing)
  • 3 years => upstream supply-chain director (purchasing tools, supplier performance, logistic platforms)
  • 2 years => esourcing director : strategy & program (purchasing tools, eprocurement)
  • 2 years => eprocurement shared service
  • 3 years => programs management (purchasing tools, eprocurement)

Competencies : supply-chain, purchasing processes, digital transformation, program management (PMI), change management, integration, lean management

English : fluent, German
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MiniCV - Ref : 4954 ECP + EPSI
Technical Director (SI)
Project Director
Skills and professional success
1) 1.5 years: Banking Sector, Project Manager budget of 20 M €
2) 2 years: Pharmaceutical Sector, Enterprise Solution Architect.
3) 3 years: Pharmaceutical Sector, Technical Account Manager.
4) 4 years: Oil Sector, Architect Virtualization - Project Manager.
5) 1 years: Training Sector, VMware Trainer.
6) 5 years: Industrial Sector, System Administrator and Networks.
Professionnal English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4971 ECP + Sciences Po Paris
Studies, tendering,concession, innovation manager

6 months : design & project management on a CHP plant in Germany (PIDs for fluids, flexibilization of energy production)

2 years : advanced design engineer specialized in rock mechanics for large energy infrastructures. Advanced 3D modelling.

3 years : market risk analyst for oil, gas and LNG markets. Portfolio modelling, follow-up of KPI, ad-hoc analysis and reports.

2 years : Project manager, geotechnics and underground works for transportation infrastructures.

 Key competences : Synthesis, advanced financial and economics business literacy, technical comprehension, team work.

Fluent in English and German, Italian. Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4998 ECP + Harvard Business
General Management Tourism Hospitality

Accomplished leader and decisive contributor to corporate management strategic initiatives nationally and internationally.
track record of over 25 years in banking and International finance (Paris London NYC Beirut Arab Gulf) + 15 years experience in advising creating and managing small to medium sized businesses in the Hospitality Management Industry worldwide (Hotels-Rest)

International Background and Language Skills (Fluent in Arabic, French, English+ German, Spanish, Italian)

Cel :     +1 954 289 7120       Email:  

English French Arabic (Fluent) german spanish Ita Total Flexibility with focus on latin America Africa and Asi
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MiniCV - Ref : 5001 ECP
Strategy, Operations, Large industrial groups, France and international
  • 11 years : Director, CFO, packaging industry, Africa & Iberia
  • 3   years : Financial Director France, packaging industry
  • 4   years : Financial Director South Europe, packaging industry
  • 4   years : Financial Director Spain, packaging industry
  • 3   years : Controller Spain, carmaker
  • 3   years : Treasurer Argentine, carmaker
  • 3   years : Treasury organisation, canmaker


English, Spanish (bilingual)
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MiniCV - Ref : 5014 ECP + Cambridge University
Director Engineering
Digital Transformation, Energy
  • 4 years: Director Technical Support (60 people). Direct management, International cross function collaboration. Team engagement improvement. Budget definition. Digital transformation for drilling equipment maintenance (PHM, Machine Learning, CBM, RCM)
  • 4 years: Strategic workforce planning for global R&D (12,000 people). Talent management programs and recruiting.
  • 2 years: Manufacturing Product Line Manager. P&L management (35M$). Concurrent lifecycle management. Demand forecast with HQ. Lean.
  • 4 years: R&D Project manager. International assignments (Houston and UK)
English (fluent) Paris Area
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MiniCV - Ref : 5025 ECP
Sales Manager France

Sales Manager - Ile de France - Brittany (5 years)
Structured financial products for SME and mid-caps
8 M€ turnover (NBI) - 6 sales persons

Manager - International Business Development (4 years)
3 M€ turnover - New services developpment for Financial services - operational team up to 15 consultants

Start up - Entrepreneurship (2 years)
Transformation for SME and mid-caps
Company creation - Marketing / sales - 5 employees

Consultant - Key account manager (3 years)
Consulting in strategy for a major account
4 M€ turnover - 3 sales persons

French / English / Spanish
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MiniCV - Ref : 5026 ECP + Master Sp
Management & project management

Management /Complex project management.Automotive project Mgmt(cost/WBS/spec/timing) (multiproject platform- 3 to 5 Y -TO 0,5B€)

International & multiculmtural team management.Multifunctional, multicultural, international team management inside global & transversal organization (50people/2 continents/6 countries)

Client relationship.front office for technical & projects aspects all along project phases (design, application, industrialization, delivery) 

Electromechanical system design. design process + feasibility/sourcing +equipment dev preparation for electronic assisted steering systems.


French (native) / English (C1) / German (A3) Bordeaux (France)
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MiniCV - Ref : 5027 ECP + Mba
Consultant, Digital
Servicenow, Agile, Mobile, Cloud, Transformation

Digital Solutions Implementation

3 years : Digital transformation consulting and Servicenow implementation : ITSM, PPM Project Portfolio Management, IT4IT

7 years : Director, Professional Services (Projects, Solutions), Personal Cloud software vendor, B2B2C via Telcos. 10p. team. Growth 5 M€ -> 15 M€.

6 years : CTO, Content Provider. Built SaaS CMS platform and web, mobile customer projects. Startup -> 5M€

2 years : Program Management Officer, Telecom


English: current, German Paris
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MiniCV - Ref : 5028 ECP
Manager ISO new challenges
Available for hire, short/long time contract

Carreer :

Manager mechanical company, 110 workforce, revenue 20 M€, Anglet/Bordeaux/Toulouse, 3 years
Manager, mechanical company, 30 workforce, revenue 4,3 M€, Toulouse, 18 months
Manager, major player HVAC company (Paris Area), 140 workforce, revenue 60 M€, 4 years
Hospital Project Manager, Overseas Territories, 280 M€, 15 months

Expertise : team management, company management, big contracts/projects management, HVAC, Solar energy

Personnality : Curious, Involved, Likes new challenges, high work capacity, autonomy

English (fluent, strong accent) South Landes based + business trip France/abroad
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MiniCV - Ref : 5029 ECP + University Paris XI
Research Scientist
Aerospace and Defense


  • Research Scientist USA (~ 9 years)

    - Strategic modeling tools development, application and deployment

    - Highly added values technical problems solving

    - Project Technical and Scientific direction

  • Has directed or direct projects from main US governement agencies

  • Master Aerospace + PhD Combustion/Energy


French and English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 5030 ECP + Process Engineering
General Manager, Director, Techical Director
Testing & Certification, quality Control labs, B2B services

2 y. Process Engineer (France)
2 y. field precom/commissioning (France)
2 y. Project manager, precom/com. & Start-up Manager 30 M$ new plant, China.
6 y. General manager SMB, BtoB services:
1- Test & certification labs in China/HK. TO: 500 k€ to 2 M€
2- Famous German Installation Company (machines and factories)

1. +70% TO, +95% Profits, 66% Profitability
2. +30% TO, ISO17025 from 0 to 100+ standards
3. +50% Sales
Appointed expert at China GB standard Technical Committee
Expertise in appliance certification: CE, CSA&UL, AUS/NZ
Total management experience in China: 8 y.

English, French, Italian, Mandarin China, Thailand, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan, Singapore
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