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MiniCV - Ref : 1133 ECP + MBA HEC Paris
Executive Vice President International
Europe Middle East Asia

-Regional Vice President Middle East, based in United Arab Emirates,Power ( Doubled revenues to 700 Millions €, Tripled margin to 150 Million €)

-General Manager Egypt, Oil&Gas (Investments with 20% return, Partnerships, Mergers& Acquisitions, market leader)

-General Manager Lebanon, Water&Environment (Turn around and Business development, Increased revenues +25%, Public / Private Partnership)

-General Management Consulting (Restructuring, Business development)

-Vice President Assistant, Energy networks & Facilities management (Strategic projects,concessions,delegated management)

Fluent English, French & Arabic Europe, Middle East, Asia
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MiniCV - Ref : 1804 ECP + Lean Six Sigma
Operations Manager, Plant Manager or Supply Chain Manager

 Manufacturing experience in process industry :

  1.  3 years : Industrial Projects Manager for European Technical Direction (10 M€ and 200 persons on siteworks per project)
  2. 5 years in plant in Germany : Performance Manager (organization, technical and quality), then Plant Production Job Change Coordinator (performance +10%/year) and Maintenance Department Manager
  3. 4 years : Production Manager, plant ranking in France increased upto 2nd instead of the last position of 8 initially, in a context of strong cultural change (market, process, flexibility)


English : fluent; German : fluent Mobile
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MiniCV - Ref : 3430 ECP
Industrial Plant Manager, Production Manager
Mechanics, Metallurgy

1. 7 years: General Secretary (administration, HR, pay) 2 sites then 1, Nonwoven machines manufacture

2. 11 years: Production Manager, Textile machines manufacture, ((Foundry, Metal working, Sheet metal working, Assembly, Storage, Order, Purchases, Methods)

3. 7 years: Production Manager, Corrugated machines manufacture, (Metal working, Assembly, Storage, Methods)

4. 8 years: Milling engineer + Aluminium metallurgy, 4 sites including 1,5 year in an applied researchs center

English (fluent; German France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4625 ECP
Project management / Program management
Big data and custumers' behavior understanding

3 years : Big Data Project Managament (geostatistics and TV audience)

3 years: manager of offers' configuration teams for a mobile phone company (25 persons' team, a budget of 7 M€)

3 years: coordination of new offers' launches'  for a mobile phone company : responsible for the implementation of th the tariffs' mechanics, the custumers' experience quality, and the TTM

2 years: Revenue management (economic analysis) of the new offers of a telecom operator

6 years: project manager telecom offers, CRM, rating, billing

3 years: IT Project management and offers' configuration

English Paris and its neighborhood
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MiniCV - Ref : 4637 ECP + Risks & quality
project manager, interfaces manager, PMO
international environment, technical project (energy, transport), innovation

skills :

preparation and implementation of project' management tools (PMP, PEP, RACI, WBS, process...) / project' control (budget planning, deliverables, risks, quality) / interfaces management / reporting / preparation of specifications & management of tenders  / relations with administration & stakeholders

others : multicultural environment / internation projects / multitasking / dynamism

english (fluent), french (mother tong), German (beginner) France & worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4687 ECP + ENSAE
Non-Executive Director (NED)
Chief Risk Officer with expertise on Financial Institutions and Private Equity

2 years, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Oman: Head of Private Equity Risk Management ($4 bio assets under management)

4 years, Investment, Commercial and Private bank, Qatar: Chief Risk Officer ($1 bio assets under management)

10 years, Investment bank: Head Risk Management ($7 bio assets under management)

5 years, Investment bank, Europe: interest rate derivative trader

English, French: fluent International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4725 ECP
Senior Executive Bank & Insurance
Developing and leading cross-border activities

 European Head of broker/IFA channel for a leading Banking Group (life insurance, asset management, private banking, ...); 7 countries, €200m NBI, 5 years

France Country Manager for a leading Life Insurance Group (business creation): 6 years, €150m sales

Chief Operating Officer cash management & supply chain for a leading Benelux bank (products & client service, 70 people): 4 years

Head of Sales Force Effectiveness Commercial & Private Banking for a Benelux Bank (1500 relationship managers, 7 countries): 2 years

Management consulting (in three leading strategy firms): 10 years

Bilingual English, German Fully mobile
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MiniCV - Ref : 4773 ECP
Supply Chain Director


  • Agility, my success in my last job is thanks to my ability to adapt efficient industrial processes with agility
  • Business Partner: strategical vision et operational control
  • Supply Chain Management: from manufacturing to retail
  • Team management
  • Project management, including SAP

Experience (20 years)

  • Luxury, jewelry, retail / wholesale, strong exposure to Asia - Supply Chain Director, executive committee member (7 years)
  • Automotive sub-contractor - Supply Chain Director
  • Electrical industry, operational supply chain et project management
French, English, fluent Paris regions + travelling
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MiniCV - Ref : 4776 ECP + PhD
reseach and development engineer
project manager
  •  3-year PhD in condensed matter physics  
    Experimental study of graphene-based gas sensors for the detection of traces of toxic species. Applications to environmental and military safety
    Nanotechnologies, clean room, vacuum technology, microelectronics, data analysis, Python software development
    Creativity, problem solving, communication
  • 1-year internship in exotic derivatives structuring team in Japan  
    Working with different and multicultural teams, project management
  • Part of the CentraleSupelec career fair organizing team  
    First project manangement experience
english (fluent), japanese
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MiniCV - Ref : 4789 ECP
  • Director IT operations - Large scale distribution (2 years)
  • Director IT infrastructures, deputy chief information officer - Book publishing (8 years)
  • Technical director, digital broadcast engineering - TV station (3 years)
  • Computer manufacturer
    • Presales manager, telco & media solutions (3 years)
    • Professional services manager, server & storage infrastructures (2 years)
    • Project manager, systems integration (2 years)
    • Software development engineer (3 years)
English: fluent Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4813 ECP + Financial Markets
IS Business Analyst or IT Project Manager

 - 20 years :  Implementation of IT applications ( developpement of applications or procurement of software )  as IS Business Analyst or IT project manager in various functional domains ( Central Banking, French Ministry of Finance, Automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry and Retail Industry .Successful delivery of all IT Projects in production

- 3 years : as Engineer in company specialised in planification of urban transportation systems and in the French Mininistry of Equipment. Successful contribution in large projects in  transportation systems planification (urban or maritime )

English : bilingual; Italian : bilingual Ile de France and punctual international mobility
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MiniCV - Ref : 4824 ECP + INSEAD MBA
C-suite position in industry in
company with global development ambition

30 years of experience in the automotive (carmakers and OEMs) and airport sectors.

Line management from shop supervisor (150 employees) to 40 plants (8,000). Streamlining organizations, clarifying missions. Strong ethics.

Bottom-line, gross margin, ROI and benchmark culture. Several successful turnaround experiences from heavy loss situations

Creation of greenfield and brownfield plants (China x2, Mexico x2, Bulgaria, Morocco, Portugal).

M&A manager from targeting to finalizing the SPA: China, USA, Sweden, Morocco.

French and English mother tongues, Spanish
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MiniCV - Ref : 4825 ECP + ENSPM Engineer
Stratégy & Development, Managing Director


Negotiation of a new automotive partnership & JV in Iran / Creation of an automotive plant & JV in Algeria / Development plan in Africa-Middle East / Powertrain line up synergy between carmakers


Vehicle Product Manager : Product definition, economical & industrial scenario / Brand strategy deployment on product line up


Engine development & team management / Engine durability testing / Numerical simulation

English Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 4833 ECP
COO, CTO or developer for a dynamic start-up or PME
I'm interested in health, internet online services, and energy

I co-founded with my partners a start-up marketplace that matches individuals and freelances with over 1M€ revenue on year 2.

I've been Chief of Operations (COO), I conceived and automated the processes that today allow a 3 people team to handle 3.000 clients per month. I developed our freelance assignement and our client communication system.

I recruited and formed an operationnal team and externalized our client support to Madagascar to lower its costs.

I also took financial (CFO), HRD responsabilities and participated in our commercial effort to close partnerships.

French, native International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4845 ECP + TU Wien - MSc
Project / Department Manager
Infrastructures and Transport

3 yrs: Public Transport - International

  • Innovation Programmes Manager
  • Team leader for internal audits on the Group’s organization and key operations

2 yrs: Infrastuctures - France, Africa, Turkey - Project Director for technical assistance missions on IFI funded projects

2.5 yrs: Energy - France, SE Asia - Project coordinator in charge of the design office

5 yrs: Civil Works - France, South Africa - Tender, Methods, Programme and Site Engineer, including 3 yrs on site.

English & German (fluent); Spanish International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4861 ECP + UC Berkeley
Data Scientist, Analyst, Business Analytics, Product Manager

6 months: Artificial intelligence for manufacturers, supply chain optimization, deep learning

1 year: Software engineering, prediction/detection of cardiac arrest in hospitals, healthcare industry 

1 year: Data science, data visualization, database management, statistical analysis and decision making, public services, public policy

English (fluent), German (intermediary) USA + Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 4866 ECP + INSEAD AMP89
Non Executive Director, Chairman
  • Since 2011, non Exec. Director family owned mid cap (300M€)
  • 20 years as GM, Executive VP and Board member of Anglo-Saxon and French mid cap companies (Sales 40-500 M€) with a large presence abroad : EU, USA, Asia and Brazil.
    • Business development : management of strategic project with global OEM and M&A.
    • 2 LBO experiences
    • Management of muticultural teams.
  • 3 years as GM of Invest in France in the USA.
  • Main sectors of activities : aerospace and defense, automotive, plastics and advanced composites, metallurgy, equipment, economical development.
English, fluent, German, basic International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4872 ECP + Sciences Po Paris
Project leader in underground infrastructures

6 months : design & project management on a CHP plant in Germany (PIDs for fluids, flexibilization of energy production)

2 years : advanced design engineer specialized in rock mechanics for large energy infrastructures. Advanced 3D modelling.

3 years : market risk analyst for oil, gas and LNG markets. Portfolio modelling, follow-up of KPI, ad-hoc analysis and reports.

1.5 year : Project manager, geotechnics and underground works for transportation infrastructures.

 Key competences : Synthesis, advanced financial and economics business literacy, technical comprehension, team work.

Fluent in English and German, Italian. Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4873 ECP
2nd 6 months internship (gap year) starting from the end of february 2019
Renewable energy, project management, strategic development
  • Computing skills : Python, HTML/CSS, Office
  • Soft-skills: Project management, team-working, responsibilities
  • Associative experiences : President of the "Fédération des Associations de CentraleSupélec" (biggest Centrale's association, revenue : 1M€) ; Member of the Centrale 7 and of the Raid CentraleSupélec.
  • Experiences : Member of the board of CentraleSupélec (2 years); Delegate of the 2019 Class; Internship in a engineering office : Renewable energies / Thermics / Sustainable development 6 months  
  • Interests/ Hobbies : Sports, sustainable development, ecology, musics, travels
English fluent, basics in Spanish International, Oceania
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MiniCV - Ref : 4874 ECP + RWTH, Imperial
I am searching for an internship in short term and a first job in longer term.
Domains: Biomedical engineering, signal processing, regulatory affairs, patent.

I am a PhD at Imperial College London in Neurotechnology important projects in my academic work ranged from a neurostimulator for the human heart, emotion recognition in thermographic videos and simulation of peripheral nerves. In addition, I completed internships at Bosch Japan (automobile), Canon Medical (medical imaging) and Galvani Bioelectronics (neuromodulation). My expertise thus centres around signal analysis for medical technology. I am interested in all other aspects of the medical engineering industry such as regulatory affairs and patents.

German, English, French
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