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MiniCV - Ref : 1804 ECP + Lean Six Sigma
Operations Manager, Plant Manager or Supply Chain Manager

 Manufacturing experience in process industry :

  1.  3 years : Industrial Projects Manager for European Technical Direction (10 M€ and 200 persons on siteworks per project)
  2. 5 years in plant in Germany : Performance Manager (organization, technical and quality), then Plant Production Job Change Coordinator (performance +10%/year) and Maintenance Department Manager
  3. 4 years : Production Manager, plant ranking in France increased upto 2nd instead of the last position of 8 initially, in a context of strong cultural change (market, process, flexibility)


English : fluent; German : fluent Mobile
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MiniCV - Ref : 2098 ECP
CEO/General Manager
International Development
  • 4 years Brasil : Executive Manager Brasil Zone : 300p, 150 ME T.O.
    • important increase in sales force - 100p
    • +100% on Net Results over 2008-2011
  • 7 years Brasil : Operations General Manager - 3 plants
    • Supply Chain, industrial Development
  • 2 years : Industrial Manager - 14 plants
  • 3 years France : Business Unit Manager, International Logistics Provider
    • 100p, $% ME T.O., + 50% on the period
  • Other International Experiences
English/Spanis/Portuguese/French : Fluent Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4450 ECP + Master ENSEA
Business and Project Engineer in Telecommunications
Electronics Internet Telecoms and information technology

 12 years Preparation and teaching Mathematics and physics sciences

  • Presentation of Mathematics teaching entrance examination
  • Teaching University students Mathematics

4 years Budget and Financial assistant

  • Providing Budget Reports to Informatics Service Director
  • Budget Monitoring of Informatics spendings

7 years Business and laboratory engineer in telecommunication

  • Studies and analyses for electromagnetic disturbances
  • Participation to projects groups activities
  • Realization of space telecoms satellites
Fluent English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4599 ECP
Director of Human Resources or Executive recruitment

Director of Human Resources and Management of entities from 4000 to 9000 people : 7 years

Career advice, executive recruitment, management support for 4 years

Project management : 3 years

Management of production facilities : 6 years

Audit: 3 years

English Ile-de-France (Paris)
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MiniCV - Ref : 4778 ECP
international CFO
Foreign affiliates

20 years in ASIA / 15 years in FINANCE &  4 years in INTERNAL AUDIT / Currently CFO China for a European manufacturing and engineering company (since 2017) after 3 years in another one in Beijing with 6 affiliates.

* 4.5Y: CFO China : 1 holding Co. + 10 subsidiaries

* 4Y: Internal Audit: Worldwide for Oil & Gas major

* 3Y: Financial Controller Greater China based in Hong Kong: MNC with 1 holding + 10 plants + 6 commercial offices.

* 2Y: GM of Chemical JV in Shanghai. Transfer of activity on 2 sites: with construction and start up of 2 new plants.

* 4Y: M&A in Asia: 10 manufacturing JV signed

French: mother tongue/ English : fluent/ Mandarin: spoken/ Mobile
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MiniCV - Ref : 4972 ECP
Programme Directorate, Quality Directorate, Operations Directorate
In any Industrial area

 Aerospace area:

  • 2 years: Director of coordination of a programme portfolio (1G€/year)
  • 4 years: Quality Director of Defence or Civil Programmes
  • 6 years: Programme Director of a Defence System (1G€)
  • 5 years: Manager within a Programme Directorate
  • 8 years: Manager of Design office and Manufacturing
  • 8 years: Engineer Design and Industriaization


English South-West of France
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MiniCV - Ref : 5017 ECP + TU Munich, CDI (MBA)
Head of CSR, project manager in sustainable development
CSR, energy transition, climate change, circular economy
  • 2 y: self-employed consultant. Redesign to cost, carbon footprint, ecodesign, CSR. Advising founder of start-up in circular economy.
  • 1.5 y: manager in carbon strategy. Steering of 20-80 k€ projects in energy, water & waste, transport . Commercial development France & abroad.
  • 8 m: volunteer in Peru. Study of renewables in rural areas, carbon finance.
  • 7 y: consultant in improvement of operational performance. Management of invitations to tender, asset management of transport infrastructure, project financial analysis, change management. Environmental awareness internally.
fluent+ English, German, Spanish; Portuguese; Italian
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Program Manager, Program Director

CBU Purchasing Manager France ( 2 years )

Engineering Manager in automotive located in Japan ( 6 months )

EMEA Engineering Manager in automotive ( 1 year)

Program Manager in automotive (4 years )

Project  Manager in automotive (2 years)

Automotive Component Engineering Supervisor (3 years )

Engines plateform Supervisor (3 years )


English, French, Chinese Western Europe,USA,CANADA,Central Africa,Japon
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MiniCV - Ref : 5029 ECP + University Paris XI
Research Scientist
Aerospace and Defense


  • Research Scientist USA (~ 9 years)

    - Strategic modeling tools development, application and deployment

    - Highly added values technical problems solving

    - Project Technical and Scientific direction

  • Has directed or direct projects from main US governement agencies

  • Master Aerospace + PhD Combustion/Energy


French and English France
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MiniCV - Ref : 5031 ECP
Project management / Program management
Big data and custumers' behavior understanding

4 years : Big Data Project Managament (geostatistics and TV audience)

3 years: manager of offers' configuration teams for a mobile phone company (25 persons' team, a budget of 7 M€)

3 years: coordination of new offers' launches'  for a mobile phone company : responsible for the implementation of th the tariffs' mechanics, the custumers' experience quality, and the TTM

2 years: Revenue management (economic analysis) of the new offers of a telecom operator

6 years: project manager telecom offers, CRM, rating, billing

3 years: IT Project management and offers' configuration

English Paris and its neighborhood
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MiniCV - Ref : 5061 ECP
CEO / general management

Chief Delegate Officer, industrial group, sales 400 M€, 1800 employees

Main achievements at this position :

- Company profitability improvement (sales 90 M€, France) : shutdown of 2 sites, redefinition of strategy, cost cutting plan

- Strategy reorientation (sales 30 M€, Germany) : rebalancing of clients/products portfolio, renegociation of local salary agreement with unions

- Management of major investments : biomass electro-generation project (capex 22 M€)

- Acquisition of industrial company (sales 25 M€, France)

French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner) France outside Paris, Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 5073 ECP + INSEAD MBA
C-suite position in industry in
company with global development ambition

30 years of experience in the automotive (carmakers and OEMs) and airport sectors.

Line management from shop supervisor (150 employees) to 40 plants (8,000). Streamlining organizations, clarifying missions. Strong ethics.

Bottom-line, gross margin, ROI and benchmark culture. Several successful turnaround experiences from heavy loss situations

Creation of greenfield and brownfield plants (China x2, Mexico x2, Bulgaria, Morocco, Portugal).

M&A manager from targeting to finalizing the SPA: China, USA, Sweden, Morocco.

French and English mother tongues, Spanish
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MiniCV - Ref : 5075 ECP + INSEAD AMP89
Non Executive Director, Chairman
  • Since 2011, non Exec. Director family owned mid cap (300M€)
  • 20 years as GM, Executive VP and Board member of Anglo-Saxon and French mid cap companies (Sales 40-500 M€) with a large presence abroad : EU, USA, Asia and Brazil.
    • Business development : management of strategic project with global OEM and M&A.
    • 2 LBO experiences
    • Management of muticultural teams.
  • 3 years as GM of Invest in France in the USA.
  • Main sectors of activities : aerospace and defense, automotive, plastics and advanced composites, metallurgy, equipment, economical development.
English, fluent, German, basic International
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MiniCV - Ref : 5089 ECP + Six sigma black belt
Operational Excellence & Transformation
CIO - Digital - New technologies - IT

I lead transformation projects in cross-cultural and diverse teams.
I drive change, solve complex problems, design new processes and solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, simplify customer experience and boost customer’s satisfaction.
Skills in change management, communication, vendor management, resources planning, and costs controlling and quality help me deliver projects that meet customers’ expectations.
I focus on results and performance improvement through quality and processes and leverage technology to support business transformation. 

French - English Paris area, France
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MiniCV - Ref : 5105 ECP + ECL
Director purchasing, supply-chain, digital transformation

International groups

  • 6 years > director transport, supply-chain transformation (budget >50m€, logistic, digital transformation, purchasing, outsourcing)
  • 3 years > upstream supply-chain director (purchasing tools, supplier Q & SC, logistic platforms)
  • 2 years > esourcing director : strategy & program (purchasing tools, eprocurement)
  • 2 years > eprocurement shared service (P2P)
  • 3 years > programs director (purchasing tools, eprocurement)

Competencies : supply-chain, purchasing, digital transformation, project management (PMI), change management, integration, lean six sigma, IT. 

English : fluent, German
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MiniCV - Ref : 5110 ECP
Operational position with responsabilities in Paris area
Manufacturing or Supply Chain. If challenging, Lean position
  • 1 year: COO in a small innovative company
  • 2 years: Internal Auditor, process oriented, broad vision of an international industrial company
  • 6 years: various positions in a plant: Manufacturing Manager and head of continuous improvement
  • Improvement of the Safety, Quality, Delivery results. Involvement in the plant reorganization in a context of workforce reduction. Work with the Supplier and the Customer
  • Change of the Management System (Quality Basics, Standard Work Instructions) Improvement of the results for all products

Skills : Lean Manufacturing, Mananagement

English (fluent), German (basic) Paris Area, open to travels
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MiniCV - Ref : 5112 ECP + ENSEA
General Management - Industrial Management
Supervise / participate in the growth of an industrial company
  •  3 years : Profit Center Director, automotive industry (30 M€, 250 people) Improved results by 3% through the implementation of an ERP and ISO certification.
  •  15 years : Industrial Director, building products for fittings and finishings (100 M€, 6 plants, 400 people) - 3 years industrial plan, Improved plants results by 5%, Co-development of a commercial activity, Turnaround and integration after acquisitions.
  • 5 years : Plant manager, Manufacturing manager, packaging and automotive industry - Reindustrialisation, Shopfloor reorganisation, Lean manufacturing, Benchmark.


English France, English-speaking countries
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MiniCV - Ref : 5127 ECP + GreenBelt Lean6Sigma
Program Director - Services & High Tech
Steering of technical contracts - Business transformation

Providing innovative services through complex systems implementation of infrastructures

  • Bidding, engineering and multi project management (up to 100M€): automation / digital / embedded / informatics / telecom
  • Negotiation of contracts with high service levels and major technical challenges - system integration, safety, security
  • Corporate / institutional technical & sales partnerships development, France / international
  • Hierarchical / matrix management of multitechnical and pluricultural teams (up to 50 p.)


English / German / Italian, fluent; Portuguese / Spanish
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MiniCV - Ref : 5140 ECP + ENSPM Engineer
Stratégy & Development, Managing Director


New mobilities partnerships / Negotiation of a new automotive partnership & JV in Iran / Creation of an automotive plant & JV in Algeria / Development plan in Africa-Middle East / Powertrain line up synergy between carmakers


Vehicle Product Manager / Brand strategy deployment on product line up


Engine development & team management / Engine durability testing / Numerical simulation

English Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 5142 ECP + Master UC San Diego
Chief Information Officer
Chief Data Officer

 - 6 years: Offshore Delivery Manager (Indian, Vietnam, Brazil; 120 resources; 13 M€)

- 6 years:  Delivery Manager of a Skill Center of Business Intelligence, CRM and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

- 10 years: Program Manager in BI, ECM, System Integration and Real Time Software

- 4 years: Chief Operating Officer of a Joint Venture in Rome, Italy

- 6 years: Deep Analytics and Artificial Intelligence expert

French, Italian, English: fluent, German and Spanish: good Expatriation or 40%
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