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MiniCV - Ref : 1133 ECP + MBA HEC Paris
Executive Vice President International
Europe Middle East Asia

-Regional Vice President Middle East, based in United Arab Emirates,Power ( Doubled revenues to 700 Millions €, Tripled margin to 150 Million €)

-General Manager Egypt, Oil&Gas (Investments with 20% return, Partnerships, Mergers& Acquisitions, market leader)

-General Manager Lebanon, Water&Environment (Turn around and Business development, Increased revenues +25%, Public / Private Partnership)

-General Management Consulting (Restructuring, Business development)

-Vice President Assistant, Energy networks & Facilities management (Strategic projects,concessions,delegated management)

Fluent English, French & Arabic Europe, Middle East, Asia
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MiniCV - Ref : 3430 ECP
Industrial Plant Manager, Production Manager
Mechanics, Metallurgy

1. 7 years: General Secretary (administration, HR, pay) 2 sites then 1, Nonwoven machines manufacture

2. 11 years: Production Manager, Textile machines manufacture, ((Foundry, Metal working, Sheet metal working, Assembly, Storage, Order, Purchases, Methods)

3. 7 years: Production Manager, Corrugated machines manufacture, (Metal working, Assembly, Storage, Methods)

4. 8 years: Milling engineer + Aluminium metallurgy, 4 sites including 1,5 year in an applied researchs center

English (fluent; German France
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MiniCV - Ref : 3888 ECP
Development and sales of complex projects worldwide
Railway, infrastructure, concessions, BOT's and PPP's

 82-Now: Rail industry

  • Systems Bid Director: Development of complete rail system projects, from business dvpt to bid preparation and submission, up to contract negotiation and coming into force. 900M€ contracts won, incl. Barcelona tram (2002) and Jerusalem tram (2004). Bid Director for multi-billion € project Rio-São Paulo Bullet Train (100-person team, 4M€ bid budget) in 2013
  • Concession BD & Strategy Director
  • BD & Sales Director South Europe
  • Sales of trains, commercial and mktg coordination between units

78-82: Road industry

  • Sales Manager East Africa
quadrilingual french, english, portuguese, spanish+ italian Paris area, South Europe, North and South America, Israel
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MiniCV - Ref : 3960 ECP + INSEAD AMP89
Non Executive Director, Chairman
  • Non Exec. Director family owned mid cap (300M€)
  • 20 years as GM, Executive VP and Board member of Anglo-Saxon and French mid cap companies (Sales 40-500 M€) with a large presence abroad : EU, USA, Asia and Brazil.
    • Business development : management of strategic project with global OEM and M&A.
    • 2 LBO experiences
    • Management of muticultural teams.
  • 3 years as GM of Invest in France in the USA.
  • Main sectors of activities : aerospace and defense, automotive, plastics and advanced composites, metallurgy, equipment, economical development.
English, fluent, German, basic International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4561 ECP + Sorbonne Economy
CFO - Finance Director - Mid Cap (LBO, Family owned...)

 - CFO position: M&A, negotiate bank financing, B/S structuring, treasury, implement new systems and new organizations: Shared services center, industrial / sales / internal “business partner” controlling, tax and legal optimization, decision support for the Board
- Strategic vision + short term decisions / actions: value pricing, international production restructuration
- Change management (even in unionized context): function structuring, organization and system changes, business support to Operations.
- Management of teams up to 120 people. Motivation & development of teams

French + English: fluent - Spanish operational Yes - prefer Paris area
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MiniCV - Ref : 4599 ECP
Director of Human Resources or Executive recruitment

Director of Human Resources and Management of entities from 4000 to 9000 people : 7 years

Career advice, executive recruitment, management support for 4 years

Project management : 3 years

Management of production facilities : 6 years

Audit: 3 years

English Ile-de-France (Paris)
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MiniCV - Ref : 4606 ECP + MBA, Ph.D. Physics
Small Medium Bus Comp Managing Director. Operations Director, plant manager.
Interim Executive Manager
  • 20 years : Organization consultant. Interim Executive Manager. Change management. Reorganization. Restructuring. Recovery. Industrial groups from 10 to 450 M€
  • 5 years : Zambon Biomedica, founder, medical devices
  • 5 years : R&D and manufacturing manager, Business Unit, US group
  • 4 years : Project manager, Defence industry

Productivity, LEAN, cost reduction. Restructuring.

Professional kitchen equipment, medical devices, car equipment, ophtalmic lenses, metal and plastics transformation, composite materials, electronics, aeronautics, space.

English : fluent. German. Italian : notions. International mobility.
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MiniCV - Ref : 4625 ECP
Project management / Program management
Big data and custumers' behavior understanding

3 years : Big Data Project Managament (geostatistics and TV audience)

3 years: manager of offers' configuration teams for a mobile phone company (25 persons' team, a budget of 7 M€)

3 years: coordination of new offers' launches'  for a mobile phone company : responsible for the implementation of th the tariffs' mechanics, the custumers' experience quality, and the TTM

2 years: Revenue management (economic analysis) of the new offers of a telecom operator

6 years: project manager telecom offers, CRM, rating, billing

3 years: IT Project management and offers' configuration

English Paris and its neighborhood
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MiniCV - Ref : 4643 ECP + ULB Belgium
Opportunities : IT system
Imagery/ Signal processing

Formations :

ECP dual degree with Université Libre de Bruxelles (biomedical imagery engineer).

Experiences :

2 years : Campus IT network Maintenance as a team with other students at ECP.

6 months : IT database teacher at university.

Programming skills:  


French: native speaker; English : fluent Europe
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MiniCV - Ref : 4662 ECP + KTH

 EMBIX - Smart Grids project manager - First job- Since January 2017

  • Conception studies for the stakesholders of an urban development project (Real estate agencies, land developer, collectivities, etc.) 
  • CoRDEES project (Clichy-Batignolles area) : commit with the performance of the district in exploitation
  • ADEME project : Lessons learned from energy positive urban development projects

EMBIX - Final intership - From July to December 2016 


French: native ; English: fluent ; Spanish/Swedish: basic
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MiniCV - Ref : 4682 ECP + TU Munich, CDI (MBA)
Project manager in sustainable development
Energy transition, climate change, circular economy
  • 1.5 year: manager in carbon strategy. Management of 20 to 80 k€ projects in energy, water & waster, transport sectors. Commercial development. Steering of the international development of the firm.
  • 8 months: volunteer in Peru on renewables allowing to electrify rural areas (popularisation, impediments, accelerators). 350 pages written in Spanish.
  • 7 years: consultant in improvement of operational performance. Management of invitations to tender, asset management of transport infrastructure, project financial analysis, change management. Environmental awareness internally.
fluent+ English, German, Spanish; Portuguese; Italian
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MiniCV - Ref : 4695 ECP + Certif Prof English
Business Development Director
Extend worldwide presence with local partners

5 yrs Managing Director Waste Water Equipment, Development new process/new device and worldwide market extension (Spain 300k€/yr, Morocco 150 k€,...)

5 yrs Director Business Development for process industries, market openings on all 5 continents, Turnover +20% on 2 yrs

9 yrs Director Business Development for process industries, extension of markets worldwide, CA +30%

2 yrs Technical/environmental Direction Industry

5 yrs project Engineer and Marketing on Waste Water / Waste Sludge, introduction of new processes France and Europe

English fully operational Basic Russian International
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MiniCV - Ref : 4735 ECP
Business Unit Management and Development in Energy, Oil, Engineering
Interest and knowledge in finance and consulting

12 years in Energy, Oil & Gas sector working on projects, consulting and engineering:

  • Business Unit Manager: budget responsibility, regional business development, contracts
  • Sales and Business Development: Tender Manager Engineering/EPC, price and contract negociations
  • Project Manager for International Oil & Gas Majors, of local industrial capability survey/review and local content study in a leading producing country
  • Expatriate Consulting for a National Oil Company / Offshore EPC tenders
  • Engineer on O&G projects: R&D, FEED, EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
French: native, English: fluent, Spanish, Portuguese Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4738 ECP + Engineer,ESPCI Paris
R&D Engineer, Aeronautical / Aerospatial sectors - 3 years experience
looking for job opportunities with responsabilities (project, people management)
  1. Multi-physics system modeling engineer - European aerospatial group - 2 years
  2. Numerical Methods  Engineer Trainee, Combustion Chamber Department, aircraft engines manufacturer - 6 months
  3. Research Intern in academic laboratory,
    1. Combustion - on behalf of an important group of the naval industry, Simulations for prevention of détonnation. - 5 months, 1 day / week
    2. Applied fluid mechanics - experimental study of fluid/structures interractions (collective ondulatory swim) - 3 months
    3. Applied physics, australian applied research center -  3 months


English, professionnaly efficient - French, mother tongue Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 4744 ECP + Master Management
Interim Manager
General Manager / Business Unit Manager

Interim Manager for S.M.E.

25 years of experience in  management and change management


English fluent France
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MiniCV - Ref : 4751 ECP + Master of Finance
Audit expertise and on market financial product valuation
Internal audit manager in banks
  •  5 years : Senior Valuation Analyst on market financial products (equity and Interest Rate Derivatives), studies & analysis to adjust product valuations. 
  • 2 years : Trading Operationnal Risk Analyst, investigation on trading desks, project management, operational risk management. 
  • 7 years : Head of assignment in audit on Banking Market activities, management of auditors, audit work reviews, and top management debriefing.
Fluent in French, Portuguese, English, Spain Around Paris
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MiniCV - Ref : 4772 ECP + Bachelor in physics
Business unit manager / director
Energy, BtoB

2017-Present : Business unit manager

2016 : Quality/Technical matters/Risks division at Bureau Veritas

  • Lean management

2010-2013 : Engineer Consultant in Risk & Safety for 3 years:

  • proposal redaction, Client relations management at international level (korea, italy, netherlands, algeria, colombie, ...), meeting organization, meeting facilitation, ...
  • Project manager in charge of a budget (200k€)
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MiniCV - Ref : 4773 ECP
Supply Chain Director


  • Agility, my success in my last job is thanks to my ability to adapt efficient industrial processes with agility
  • Business Partner: strategical vision et operational control
  • Supply Chain Management: from manufacturing to retail
  • Team management
  • Project management, including SAP

Experience (20 years)

  • Luxury, jewelry, retail / wholesale, strong exposure to Asia - Supply Chain Director, executive committee member (7 years)
  • Automotive sub-contractor - Supply Chain Director
  • Electrical industry, operational supply chain et project management
French, English, fluent Paris regions + travelling
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MiniCV - Ref : 4776 ECP + PhD
reseach and development engineer
project manager
  •  3-year PhD in condensed matter physics  
    Experimental study of graphene-based gas sensors for the detection of traces of toxic species. Applications to environmental and military safety
    Nanotechnologies, clean room, vacuum technology, microelectronics, data analysis, Python software development
    Creativity, problem solving, communication
  • 1-year internship in exotic derivatives structuring team in Japan  
    Working with different and multicultural teams, project management
  • Part of the CentraleSupelec career fair organizing team  
    First project manangement experience
english (fluent), japanese
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MiniCV - Ref : 4778 ECP
international CFO
Foreign affiliates

20 years in ASIA / 15 years in FINANCE &  4 years in INTERNAL AUDIT / Currently CFO China for a European manufacturing and engineering company (since 2017) after 3 years in another one in Beijing with 6 affiliates.

* 4.5Y: CFO China : 1 holding Co. + 10 subsidiaries

* 4Y: Internal Audit: Worldwide for Oil & Gas major

* 3Y: Financial Controller Greater China based in Hong Kong: MNC with 1 holding + 10 plants + 6 commercial offices.

* 2Y: GM of Chemical JV in Shanghai. Transfer of activity on 2 sites: with construction and start up of 2 new plants.

* 4Y: M&A in Asia: 10 manufacturing JV signed

French: mother tongue/ English : fluent/ Mandarin: spoken/ Mobile
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