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MiniCV - Ref : 4986 ECP + Ing SUPMECA (88)
R&D / R&I Director
Automotiv, aeronautic or similar.

o for 6 years : R&D innovation director for a worlwilde automotive supplier. Resp of Innovation Lab - Electrification expert for european commission.

o 3 years : Head manager of transmission and hybrid/electrical advanced projects for a car maker.

o 2 years : Deputy Manager of preliminary studies in hybrid vehicules domain and head of systhesis & integration department.

o 7 years : Manager of the geometrical and functionnal packaging of avanced vehicules studies and of vehicule packaging synthesis.

o 8 years : Véhicule Architect and B segment véhicule platform.

English (read, talk) - German (intermediate) Paris and suburb / Province
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MiniCV - Ref : 5031 ECP
Project management / Program management
Big data and custumers' behavior understanding

4 years : Big Data Project Managament (geostatistics and TV audience)

3 years: manager of offers' configuration teams for a mobile phone company (25 persons' team, a budget of 7 M€)

3 years: coordination of new offers' launches'  for a mobile phone company : responsible for the implementation of th the tariffs' mechanics, the custumers' experience quality, and the TTM

2 years: Revenue management (economic analysis) of the new offers of a telecom operator

6 years: project manager telecom offers, CRM, rating, billing

3 years: IT Project management and offers' configuration

English Paris and its neighborhood
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MiniCV - Ref : 5105 ECP + ECL
Director purchasing, supply-chain, digital transformation

International groups

  • 6 years > director transport, supply-chain transformation (budget >50m€, logistic, digital transformation, purchasing, outsourcing)
  • 3 years > upstream supply-chain director (purchasing tools, supplier Q & SC, logistic platforms)
  • 2 years > esourcing director : strategy & program (purchasing tools, eprocurement)
  • 2 years > eprocurement shared service (P2P)
  • 3 years > programs director (purchasing tools, eprocurement)

Competencies : supply-chain, purchasing, digital transformation, project management (PMI), change management, integration, lean six sigma, IT. 

English : fluent, German
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MiniCV - Ref : 5188 ECP + PMP, SAFe Agilist
Data Engineering : for Identity, Payment, traffic Management

10 years - Projects Manager - Agile & International - Information Systems et IC cards - biometrics, Identity, Security
- Product Maintenance  : -30% Cost, keeping 10+ customers satisfied
- Managed Lead Project for company Agile Transformation
- Off-shore tech Projects Transfers (Morocco & India)

7 years - International R&D Project Leader - 2G-3G Mobilephones
- Ultra Low Cost phone reDesign. BoM $15 to $10

3 years - System Architect - Mobilephone
- Power Management and 3G Baseband expert

4 years - Japan Tech Survey Manager (in Tokyo) - Dual Technologies (electronics)
- TO+50% / clients base (5 to 15)

Bilingual French+English. Fluent Japanese & Italian. German Paris Area
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MiniCV - Ref : 5225 ECP
Director of Operations | Project Director
Media Asset Management, Software, Digital, Business Intelligence

For a Media Asset Management software editor operating worldwide:

  • 2 years: Director of Project Governance and Performance (Dashboards, KPIs, Group Reporting, Project Portfolio Management, PMO, P&L Analysis, Quality)
  • 7 years: Director of Operations (Managing a team of 50 engineers in EMEA APAC, Total revenue 20M€)
  • 7 years: Project Manager for large-scale European TV & Radio broadcasters and public organizations

Previously: 2 years of applied research at MIT (Boston), 4 years of design engineering in Telecommunications

English fluent, Spanish academic, Polish notions Worldwide
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