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Program Manager, Program Director

CBU Purchasing Manager France ( 2 years )

Engineering Manager in automotive located in Japan ( 6 months )

EMEA Engineering Manager in automotive ( 1 year)

Program Manager in automotive (4 years )

Project  Manager in automotive (2 years)

Automotive Component Engineering Supervisor (3 years )

Engines plateform Supervisor (3 years )


English, French, Chinese Western Europe,USA,CANADA,Central Africa,Japon
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MiniCV - Ref : 5031 ECP
Project management / Program management
Big data and custumers' behavior understanding

4 years : Big Data Project Managament (geostatistics and TV audience)

3 years: manager of offers' configuration teams for a mobile phone company (25 persons' team, a budget of 7 M€)

3 years: coordination of new offers' launches'  for a mobile phone company : responsible for the implementation of th the tariffs' mechanics, the custumers' experience quality, and the TTM

2 years: Revenue management (economic analysis) of the new offers of a telecom operator

6 years: project manager telecom offers, CRM, rating, billing

3 years: IT Project management and offers' configuration

English Paris and its neighborhood
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MiniCV - Ref : 5105 ECP + ECL
Director purchasing, supply-chain, digital transformation

International groups

  • 6 years > director transport, supply-chain transformation (budget >50m€, logistic, digital transformation, purchasing, outsourcing)
  • 3 years > upstream supply-chain director (purchasing tools, supplier Q & SC, logistic platforms)
  • 2 years > esourcing director : strategy & program (purchasing tools, eprocurement)
  • 2 years > eprocurement shared service (P2P)
  • 3 years > programs director (purchasing tools, eprocurement)

Competencies : supply-chain, purchasing, digital transformation, project management (PMI), change management, integration, lean six sigma, IT. 

English : fluent, German
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MiniCV - Ref : 5112 ECP + ENSEA
General Management - Industrial Management
Supervise / participate in the growth of an industrial company
  •  3 years : Profit Center Director, automotive industry (30 M€, 250 people) Improved results by 3% through the implementation of an ERP and ISO certification.
  •  15 years : Industrial Director, building products for fittings and finishings (100 M€, 6 plants, 400 people) - 3 years industrial plan, Improved plants results by 5%, Co-development of a commercial activity, Turnaround and integration after acquisitions.
  • 5 years : Plant manager, Manufacturing manager, packaging and automotive industry - Reindustrialisation, Shopfloor reorganisation, Lean manufacturing, Benchmark.


English France, English-speaking countries
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MiniCV - Ref : 5219 ECP + Bauman University
Program manager, Buyer
Industries, IT

5 years: Diplomate (analytical reports, data bases management, preparation of ministers visits, procedures optimization, coordination of cross-functional team of 6 membres).

2 years: Purchasing specialist (TO: 37 M€; business cases conceptualization and NPV-analysis, supplier follow-up and 5% cost reduction, contractual items negotiation).

1,5 years: Program purchasing manager assistant (3 low-cost projects follow-up, coordination of 20 buyers, IT systems administration).

Russian: native; French, English: fluent, German Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 5220 ECP
Business Unit Management, Sales Management
Information Technology, Digital Transformation
  • 1 year:  Vice President, Services BU (Sales : € 35m, 110 people) in energy management, + 17% sales growth.
  • 5 years: IT Regional Sales Director, 18 countries, € 22m, + 11% turnover in average per year.
  • 5 years: IT Director of development, business restructuring and transformation, outsourcing services launch, € 70m turnover.
  • 1 year:   IT Head of channel for Africa. +13% Sales.
  • 3 years: Operations manager, IT Consulting and Integration BU, € 600m turnover, + 3pts  profitability.
  • 8 years: ERP and CRM program director, € 10m budget, +80 people.


English : Fluent, Arabic : Fluent, Spanish Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 5221 ECP + ETSEIB (Barcelona)
Direction / Consulting Research, innovation and strategy

17 years : General Manager - Founder SMI innovation
- Creation, industrialization of innovative and patented products and process equipements
- International R&D collaborations with major players

2 years : Director of an industrial site (200 p.)

3 years : Plant project manager (IT and Operationnal excellence)

2 ans : Process Engineer


English and Spanish : Fluent ; German : intermediate Paris Region
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MiniCV - Ref : 5222 ECP
Lean Projet Manager or Product Owner

1 year: Operational Excellence Consultant and Trainer - Cubik Partners - Team Facilitation, Visual Management, 5S, Hoshin Kanri

2 years: Continuous Improvement Assistant, Project Manager and Product Owner - Thalys - PMO of strategic programs, budget monitoring, team facilitation, PO for the development of a web and mobile application, backlog management, JIRA monitoring, implementation and monitoring of KPIs

6 months: Project Management and Continuous Improvement Expert - SNCF - setting up the governance of a transformation project, project meeting facilitation, communication, reporting


English (fluent) and Spanish Lyon
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MiniCV - Ref : 5223 ECP + INSEAD - Leader. Pro
Managing Director
  •  Skilled in organizing and developping fliales. Negotiator talents.
  • 10 years in Africa as Managing Director. 
    • Re-taking the market leadership for a building material company - Nigeria.
    • Country Director for an automobile Group - Nigeria
    • Structuring a family busines into a filiale of an agri-food Group - Mauritania
  • 10 years in Central Europe as CEO :
    • Setting up an automotive import subsidiary and trippling the market share in 5 years - Czech Republic
    • Restructuring a group of spare parts wholesalers and return to profit - Poland


Fluent English and Czech - French native International
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MiniCV - Ref : 5224 ECP
Project management
Energy (energy efficiency, renewable energy) - environment - waste management)

3 years - Energy & Utilities consultant : 

  • Creation of new energy service offerings
  • Animation of a participatory inovation scheme
  • Organisation of a training about waste management
  • Management of an IS project to produce KPI of an electrecity grid operator
  • Answers of call for tenders (electricity, methanation, waste management)

3 months - Study of the position of local authorities on the subject of energy transition

1 year - Open Innovation : Support in the creation of partnerships between start-ups and a large group to highlight the potential mutual profits

French, English, Spanish Nantes - Loire-Atlantique (44)
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MiniCV - Ref : 5225 ECP
Director of Operations | Project Director
Media Asset Management, Software, Digital, Business Intelligence

For a Media Asset Management software editor operating worldwide:

  • 2 years: Director of Project Governance and Performance (Dashboards, KPIs, Group Reporting, Project Portfolio Management, PMO, P&L Analysis, Quality)
  • 7 years: Director of Operations (Managing a team of 50 engineers in EMEA APAC, Total revenue 20M€)
  • 7 years: Project Manager for large-scale European TV & Radio broadcasters and public organizations

Previously: 2 years of applied research at MIT (Boston), 4 years of design engineering in Telecommunications

English fluent, Spanish academic, Polish notions Worldwide
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MiniCV - Ref : 5226 ECP
Chief Technical Officer in Building Construction and Real Estate

Residential Chief Technical Officer in Market Leader Real Estate Company (4 years)

International Purchasing Director in Industry Best in Class Construction Company (5 years)

International Chief Technical Officer - Design and Build of Hotels in Cuba and Caribe (8 years)

Fluent in English and Spanish Paris area
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MiniCV - Ref : 5227 ECP + Melbourne University
End of studies internship, project management
Culture, media, entertainement

3 months: Project manager : complete deployment plan, asset management tool (new technologies, education).

3 months: Junior consultant, venture development : design, scale a brand and managing the Entreprise Resource Planning (E-commerce, jewelry).

1 year: Project manager : deployment of a messenger app on campus, market studies, surveys.

9 months: Event manager : community life.

9 months: Head of partnerships with companies : community life.

French, Arabic (bilingual), English (fluent), Spanish Ile de France
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MiniCV - Ref : 5228 ECP
Research and Development Project Management
Mechanical design department manager

 Car-manufacturing Industry :

  • 3 years : International R&D projet Deputy Directeur (India, China, Brazil) -New India team organization
  • 3 years : Design department manager - 20 employees + subcontracting - turnover : €400M - Implementation of LEAN Management
  • 4 years : Design department manager - Industrialization - 10 employees + subcontracting
  • 4 years : Design department manager - Modeling and testing - 6 employees + subcontracting
  • 6 years : R&D engineer + coreteam referent


English : fluent - German Pays de la Loire
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